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Righter Group now features Tnemec Aerolon 971 highlighting Condensation Control at two facilities with very specific yet very different condensation problems.

Kraft Foods, Woburn, MA This manufacturing facility located north of Boston had a large condensation issue within its liquid blend area. The space above the blend area operated at 48ºF. The filling room below had a constant temperature of 75º-78º F. During the spring, summer and fall months the relative humidity within these spaces became elevated creating dew point environment. Approximately 120 days throughout the year contaminated ceiling water would fall onto the sterile and filling equipment.

Kraft Foods Project (PDF)

Solution – APC Services or Melrose, MA, the coating applicator for this Kraft facility, water blasted the surface at 5000 psi removing the aged foam insulation that was failing from the ceiling and structural steel. APC then applied Tnemec Aerolon 971 Insulative Aerogel based coating at 100 mils DFT. Using 3E Plus Insulation software it was determined that at this 100 mil thickness the condensation affect could be mitigated up to 90% of the time, avoiding a dew point condition.

Needless to say, Kraft Foods was very pleased with the results and has continued to use Aerolon 971 for additional areas and two other Kraft facilities in need of condensation Control.

Northfield GDF Suez Power, Northfield, MA This unique Pump Storage Hydro Facility built by Stone and Webster in the 1960’s is a 1080 megawatt power station with a unique problem.

Northfield Suez Project (PDF)

Located 500 feet underground this facility is carved out of granite. Being a Pump Hydro Facility, water is pumped during the night to an elevated reservoir. The water flows back into the power plant the next day through a series of steel penstocks, spinning four very large GE Turbines to generate power. Upon water entering the power house four, 110-ton ball values regulate water flow into the station. Covered in 1960 grade asbestos for insulation as condensation control, years of cold water sweating beneath the asbestos insulation corrosion began (CUI) of this valuable and hard to replace asset.
Solution – The Asbestos was abated and the coating contractor, Copia of Brewer, ME applied Tnemec 971 Aerolon at 90 mils DFT to one of the ball valves The Northfield Suez Power Company determined that 90 mils was the thickness that would meet their target to reduce the likelihood of condensation 85-90% of the time.

After application Northfield Suez Power has notice no condensation or sweating of this extraordinary ball valve. They will continue to use Tnemec Aerolon 971 on the balance of these valves.

Tnemec Aerolon 971 Video
Aerolon Fluid Applied Thermal Break Specification PDF / DOC

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