Fluid Applied Thermal Break Coating

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Introducing Tnemec Aerolon 971, the first Fluid Applied Thermal Break Coating containing Aerogel. This technology did not exist prior to Tnemec Company’s development of a new type of intumescent fireproofing. While testing Aerogel particles as an Insulating pigment for fire resistant coatings, it was discovered that Aerolon did not survive the fire test but could be used as an Insulative Coating.

Tnemec Touch Safe Video

In the video above, take note that the inventors hand was not burned while applying his hand directly over the Tnemec 971 Aerolon at 116 mils. If you look closely, the panel is heated to 302° and the coating protects skin from burning. This slow transfer of heat makes Aerolon 971 a thermal break between two materials and is an effective method for treating elements for mechanical, structural and architectural uses.

Trip Advisor Project (PDF)


Trip Advisor Global Headquarters, Needham, MA

Please click on the picture to the right to view of Aerolon used on structural steel penetrations on several Elkus Manfredi buildings. Aerolon’s primary function is to act as a thermal break. It is designed to prevent the formation of condensation in a wall cavity. The thermal efficiency of Tnemec Aerolon 971 (K value of 0.035) provides a “thermal shield” for breaking conductive materials from each other. The effectiveness of the Aerogel particles slows the thermal transfer of heat/cold to steel, aluminum, stainless and concrete elements. When cold meets hot within the wall section, the dew point is reached (at specific exterior RH), creating an environment for water to condensate and mold to form over time. Aerolon used as a Thermal Break slows this transfer so that the dew point is not reached.

We have taken the use of Aerolon 971 to Morrison Hershfield of Vancouver, a thermal modeling engineering firm to prove the efficiency of Aerolon as a thermal break for a variety of building wall sections. Please see attached details showing energy loss reductions and R values of Tnemec Aerolon 971. (A full report can be furnished upon request.) Aerolon 971 appears a beige color on the selected 3D models and a lighter blue in heat transfer views.

Morrison Hershfield Details (PDF)

Below is a specification for a Fluid Applied Thermal Break. Please email or call us if we can assist you with building details or if you desire more information on Tnemec Aerolon 971 as a Thermal Break.

Aerolon Fluid Applied Thermal Break Specification PDF / DOC

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